Meet Our Team

Thanks to our intimate team of tea lovers and creatives, The Tea Alchemist offers unique, beautifully handcrafted tea blends and tisanes of the highest quality. Our loose leaf teas are 100% organic, and are blended in small batches from premium, thoughtfully sourced ingredients.

We believe that tea is a powerful medium for cultivating mindfulness, embodying intentions, and inviting joy into any moment. And we believe that power begins with select ingredients and lovingly prepared products -- the right blend of art and science

Every cup of tea is an experience.  Simply ask yourself what kind of experience you desire, and choose accordingly. 

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Meet Jennifer Purrenhage, PhD, AADP: The Tea Alchemist

I've loved tea for as long as I can remember. I grew up drinking tea... with my mother, to comfort myself, to nurse a cold, to celebrate, to sink in deeper to the mood of a rainy day. Tea is simply my first step. I begin each day, each project, each brainstorming session, with a cup of tea.

Beginning with tea requires a pause. And that pause is an opportunity to check in with yourself, with the moment, with what's going on around you and within you. Whether consciously or not, each sip brings us back to that moment of pause, so we can continue to embody our initial intentions, even as we move on to other things. How beautiful is that?

I have always shared tea this way with my friends. And, as The Tea Alchemist, I'm honored to share our diverse line of handcrafted teas with you. We've shipped our teas across the United States, Canada, Europe, and Central America. We have just the right blend for you. If you can't find it, please ask! We love to play matchmaker. And if we can't make the perfect match, then we'll make a new blend. It would be our pleasure.


DannyMeet Danny: Musician in Residence, Web Magician, Tea Taster

My fourth grade teacher told us, "If you don't like tea without sugar, you don't like tea." A wise woman, Mrs. Wallace. These days I take my tea straight up, or with honey. ;)

I'm enchanted by the earthy beauty of tea leaves. Seeing our different teas lined up in glass jars makes me feel like I'm in a magic emporium. And sipping a cup of tea reminds me to slow down and savor the colors, aromas, and flavors of life.

One of my favorite blends here at The Tea Alchemist is 'Natural Mystic'. It's like a glowing yellow Turner sunset--in liquid form. Every time I steep a cup, I have to stare at it for a little while before I drink it. And the flavor is so smooth and singular, I feel slightly enlightened as I sip it down.

I love working with tea, and I'm happy to be able to connect people with tea that will soothe and engage their senses.

And please don't forget our generous volunteers! 

We feel incredibly grateful to have a small band of dedicated friends and family who work with us to bring you the highest quality teas and customer experience.

Thank you to everyone who has helped out by tasting in-development blends, packaging and shipping tea, brainstorming, baking treats for tea time, and running our tea-tasting table at public events. Special thanks to a few of our Master Volunteers... Erin, Sandy, Patti, Joanne, Michael, Tara, Karen, and Cindi.