Walk in the Woods

A warm blend of roots, fruit, and petals to invigorate and inspire you ... just like a brisk walk in the woods!

Walk in the Woods looks wonderfully earthy, tastes naturally spicy, and morphs into something for everyone.

We created this blend in honor of some of our favorite writers -- Emerson, Frost, Thoreau, E.B. White -- who placed great value on the act of walking in Nature, for inspiration, good health, and a peaceful mind.

This blend is a cold-season "must have" for writers, wanderers, leaf-catchers, snowman-builders, fireside readers, and other warm-souled creatures. 


Walk in the Woods is deliciously versatile.
Here are our favorite woodsy incarnations...

A Simple Walk in the Woods: This is when you enjoy the Walk in the Woods blend just as it is. You can either give it a nice long steep for at least 8-10 minutes (those roots need a little longer to surrender all their grounding goodness), or you can make a decoction by gently simmering the blend + water in a saucepan for 5-10 minutes (per your taste). Sweeten with honey to bring out the sarsaparilla flavor.

A Walk in the Orchard: This is when you use the Walk in the Woods blend as mulling spices for apple cider. No honey necessary in the orchard -- your cider will bring out the sarsaparilla flavor very nicely.

Stopping by the Woods on a Snowy Evening: This is when you make a decoction of the Walk in the Woods blend, using "milk" (we use unsweetened almond milk) instead of water. As in A Simple Walk in the Woods above, sweetening with honey brings out that unique sarsaparilla flavor. Another great addition to your "Snowy" Walk in the Woods is your favorite raw cacao powder (or nibs), for a cocoa-like drink.


100% Organic.  Caffeine Free.  Deliciously Versatile. 

Available in metal tins (~40 servings) and compostable refill bags (~48 servings)

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