A tea for transcendence.

Nirvana begins with a black tea leaves from Nepal--but, while technically a black varietal, the process of semi-fermentation imparts both green and black tea characteristics to the leaves, making for a very special cup of tea.

We microbatch-infuse the tea leaves with fair trade, organic vanilla beans, and ultimately adorn the blend with maroon- (rose) and saffron-colored (calendula) flower petals.

Enjoy a bold and blissful first steep, followed by a serene, vanilla-forward second steep. Nirvana.

100% Organic.  Contains Caffeine.  

Available in metal tins (~40 servings) and compostable refill bags (~48 servings)

Nirvana doesn't happen overnight: Orders including Nirvana may occasionally be slightly delayed due to our mindful process of microbatch-infusing the tea leaves with vanilla beans before blending. This may take an extra day or two, but your tea will be fresh and handcrafted with love. We appreciate your patience, and promise that Nirvana is well worth the wait.

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